PortAventura Uncharted: El Enigma de Penitence

#Entertainment #Live-Events

First live broadcast
of a theme park ride

Launch of the new PortAventura theme park ride
with TheGrefg as host and broadcast on his channel.

The show consisted of several actions in different rides
with some Spanish influencers.

CABAL was in charge of the broadcast and TV production.

The entire show was performed live from different points
and rides of PortAventura in Barcelona.

The creative idea and event production was developed by YouPlanet.

The dynamic of the show was to have a countdown until
TheGrefg will exclusively premiere the Uncharted ride.


During that time we would connect to different locations in the park
where guests would try other rides and do interviews.

The rides were broadcast in detail to show the audience their reaction.


Once the countdown was over TheGrefg was on his way to test the ride
but first he would show us all the details of the entrance passage.

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