Red Bull Tetris Madrid

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Tetris, the classic videogame
takes over Madrid

The grand finale of the Red Bull Tetris tournament took place
in Plaza de Callao in the heart of Madrid.

Before the finals we had the Red Bull Tetris Streamers Cup,
an online tournament with some of the best known Spanish influencers.

To warm up before the tournament finals we hosted the Streamers Cup.

It was produced a week before with TheGrefg and SUJA
from CABAL studios in Madrid.

CABAL was in charge of the graphic identity, broadcast and TV production

The tournaments were broadcasted from TheGrefg’s channel with
more than 400.000 views.

Red Bull and Lastlap created the original idea, took care of event production and managed tournament operations.

The Finals took place in the Plaza de Callao in Madrid.

In between official matches some of the best known Spanish streamers
played games to entertain the audience.